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If you really want to figure who is executor for each deal/order

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Low Spreads w/o Markups

Our liquidity aggregator offers low, competitive spreads thanks to an efficient combination of different liquidity providers. We only work with STP/ECN technologies. You can see our current spreads in the information window on the right side.

Interbank ECN Liquidity

First among our liquidity providers you will find world famous banks and ECN platforms. Our liquidity is enough to provide one click execution for 50 million USD trades - thanks to our prime-brokers.

Market Depth

Our platform offers access to 2-nd level quotes. You can place orders within spreads thus lowering your costs. We strive to work only with ECN platforms and providers who work on the same conditions with us - that's how we get our dynamic, transparent market depth.

BBO Engine

We offer the best prices of our providers using the Best Bid & Offer (BBO) policy. Therefore, the higher the number of liquidity providers connected to our aggregator - the better the spread our clients get. We are continuously looking for interesting business-partners to expand our liquidity.